View Full Version : Lethargy Possible bloat or ovarian cyst

10-28-14, 08:28 pm
My piggy Opal is acting lethargic and seems to be in pain. Her abdomen is very tender and hard like she is tensing her muscles. I suspected bloat and when i tapped her sides and one did sound slightly different, but I did the same to my other pigs for comparison and it doesn't seem significant. She will do a bit of grazing or drinking then retreat to a corner and puff up her coat. I think it may be a cyst because i noticed blood on her groin area earlier today and made an appointment for tomorrow. I don't think the blood was from her urine because it looked undiluted. What does this sound like to you? There aren't any emergency vets in my area that see guinea pigs, I would have to drive 3 or more hours to get her to one.

10-28-14, 08:38 pm
Here's some information about bloat: http://www.guinealynx.info/emergency.html. I think, if I were you, I'd give her a bit of infant simethicone and put her on something that vibrates (pillow, electric toothbrush, clothes dryer, whatever). Even very gentle massage may help, but you'd have to be very careful about that just in case it is a cyst.

A trip to the emergency vet for something like this would probably not be very satisfactory, unless you're sure the ER vet is competent to treat guinea pigs. Most of them are moonlighting small animal (dog and cat) vets, and have no expertise at all in guinea pigs. The vets at the ER clinic closest to me won't even look at a guinea pig.

If she makes it through the night but is still acting the same way, I'd probably just arrive on the regular exotic vet's doorstep when they open the doors and insist that they see her.

10-28-14, 08:45 pm
Would olive oil help? I read it will help de-foam gas bubbles as well

10-28-14, 08:55 pm
No, I wouldn't give her olive oil. But baby simethicone is available from any drug store or grocery store.

10-28-14, 08:57 pm
I think we have capsules somewhere
how much should I give her