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10-27-14, 09:56 am

I just adopted a 2 year old guinea pig. She's calico, with medium length hair, and her name is Queequeg (kwee-kweg) after the Moby Dick character.

I had to pick her up a bit earlier than expected, so it was a bit of a rough start between us while I had to keep rearranging her cage once I bought all the parts for it over the weekend. Now she's well-situated in a 2x4 c&c cage with fleece bedding, a fleece forest, and an overhang hiding place.

She's still quite wary of me (it's only been 5 days), but if I don't make abrupt movements/sounds she doesn't have too much problem sniffing around her home and munching on hay. I've been hand-feeding her vegetables and have discovered that she is usually willing to get as close as necessary to reach a mouthful of cilantro or bell pepper. She also enjoys spring mix lettuces and carrots, but only when I leave them and back away.

I have never seen her drink from her water bottle, and it doesn't look like any ever disappears??? It's the same type of bottle as at her old home, filled with fresh water daily, and hung low enough for her to reach, so I don't know. Maybe the veggies are giving her adequate hydration?

She doesn't like being picked up, but seems content enough on my lap. She needs to be wrapped in a towel to feel safe, but after a few minutes she stops burrowing and will purr a bit when I pet her under the towel. We haven't gotten the hang of floor time yet-- she mostly just picks a corner and seems confused why she can't be in her fleece forest instead even if I leave food for her to find-- but I'm sure that will be better once she warms up and settles in a bit more.

(I know she needs a buddy and will be looking for one once I get the hang of taking care of her.)

Anyway I have spent far too many hours flipping through threads on this forum in preparation, and I'm happy to finally be able to introduce myself and my piggy! As you can tell I'm very excited and a bit obsessed with my new friend. Oh, and you can call me Jazzy.

10-27-14, 09:59 am
Welcome! You know we need pigtures!! :)

10-27-14, 10:01 am
Welcome! You know we need pigtures!! :)
agreed :) and welcome!

10-27-14, 10:49 am
Here's my Queequeg! Eating and "hiding".

(This is from Friday: the bedding/towel combo has since been replaced by comfy fleece.)

10-27-14, 10:53 am
Love her colors!!!!!

10-27-14, 11:14 am
Welcome Jazzy and she is adorable. I love her coloring!!!

10-27-14, 11:17 am
Queequeg the character has full body tattoos so I thought it was appropriate for a multi colored piggy! Plus her squeaks sound like quee quee quee lol.

10-27-14, 11:46 am
Hi! Mine didn't drink from their water much at first either. It seemed to take a good couple weeks to a month to where I felt like they were actually drinking regularly. When you are doing lap time, maybe try hand feeding her favorite thing to eat? Maybe give her a carrot or pepper and talk to her and pet her while's she's eating it in the safety of a towel on your lap. That will help her start to warm up to you too. I've had my piggies since August and they are now finally starting to sleep out of their shelters and stay at the side of the cage to watch the family.

She's beautiful!

10-27-14, 06:47 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum! Quee is adorable!

10-30-14, 12:49 pm
Look at this little face!!!!! (She's so sweet and curious.)

10-30-14, 12:59 pm
Oh my she's adorable! I love the name too, so unique!

Hate to be "that person" but the log she's hiding in/eating in that photo should be removed ASAP. It has no nutritional content and is usually bound with sugary things like honey and molasses, which aren't good for guinea pigs digestive systems. Most of them are also packed out with things like wood chip too.

You can get an actual (untreated) wooden log for her to hide in and chew on though! As long as it's a safe wood (not an aromatic softwood like pine, for example) and isn't treated, it's safe enough for her to chew on. You can also get something called a fiddlesticks which is a bridge made out of wood, so Queequeg could hide in it and chew it too! :)

10-30-14, 02:34 pm
I'm not sure if it's the type of log your thinking of? I've never seen her chew on it and it doesn't have teeth marks. It was something she came with when I adopted her, so I don't know for sure what it's made of however! Unless I find evidence it's safe, I will be sure to remove it just in case. Thank you!

10-30-14, 02:46 pm
The log she's walking through/under in post #4 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=4) with the pigloo in, we see a lot of new members post pictures of their pigs with those in and because of the (inadequate and inaccurate) information about them from pet stores most people haven't got a clue what's really in them.

http://www.amazon.com/eCOTRITION-Snak-Edible-Activity-Large/dp/B004UMMXDG that's what they look like before they get chewed on, and like it says on the ad made with golden honey. Got to love how little pet product creators actually know about the pets they're creating for!

10-30-14, 04:19 pm
I'm so glad I found this forum! Thanks again.

11-03-14, 04:01 pm
Welcome to the forum. Queequeg is gorgeous! Glad to hear you'll be getting her a friend.