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10-27-14, 09:47 am
So i have fleece and uhaul in my C&C cage. I use 3 layers of uhaul under my fleece and I was wondering if its too much? My girls only pee in two corners. When i had molly by herself when i went to clean the cage and replace the uhaul and fleece with clean ones, the uhaul in those corners were dry. Ever since i got my new cavy when i change out the bedding the uhaul is always soaked in those corners. Is it because i use three layers of uhaul? I read that most on here only use two....would the uhaul dry more efficiently if i used less? I also live in FL where its really humid. Im changing the bedding every 3 days because how wet the corners get.

10-27-14, 10:27 am
If I understand your post correctly, you went from only having Molly to having two guinea pigs? This may seem a little obvious, but could it just be because you now have two guinea pigs go potty in the cage, as opposed to one?

Do you have a litterbox/kitchen area? Perhaps Molly is more litter trained, where she would use the bathroom in those areas, while your new girl isn't? Instead, your new girl is going a lot in the corners.

Do you have an extra potty pads on hand you could put in the corners to replace daily maybe?

10-27-14, 10:34 am
I'm aware that having more pigs mean more pee, but soaking through 3 layers seems like a lot to me. No kitchen area....going to change that eventually though....I do place extra uhaul (large scraps) in those corners with some success but not much.

10-27-14, 10:40 am
I agree that soaking through three layers is excessive.

I definitely second that while Molly may have occasionally peed there, your new girl probably only pees there. She may adjust, she may not, so for now all you can really do is put extra padding in those corners, and try using some extra fleece in the corners.

I have little cushions which are fleece with towel sandwiched in between (UK, no Uhaul pads here!) that I flip daily and change every two days in the places my girls like to go most frequently. I also have a litter tray which has their water bottle in, so they do a lot of peeing there.

Just to be clear, is the wet soaking through to your fleece, or is it just the bottom layer of Uhaul that's staying constantly wet?

10-27-14, 10:51 am
Just the bottom 2 layers of uhaul

10-28-14, 02:06 pm
If the surface of the fleece isn't retaining moisture or being soaked through to, I wouldn't worry too much, but would definitely either make some pee pads, or buy some (I'm pretty sure there are places you can buy them, maybe even the cages store of here)

What size is your cage? Size plays a part in things like this because the smaller it is, the more concentrated the urination will be on just one spot.

I have a 2x4 with two girls, and in their very favourite corner, I use double the amount of absorbent layer that I use in the rest of the cage, as well as pee pads in their other, less frequent, pee spots.

10-28-14, 02:12 pm
It's a 2x4 aswell. I'm gonna have to sew some pee pads. I was also wondering if my younger pig drinks too much....she's at the water bottle 2x as much as my other pig. She's not playing with it either...she's young though so I wonder if her little body needs more.

10-29-14, 02:46 am
It's entirely possible that she does, pigs are very unique in what is a "normal" water intake for them. Some get the majority of their water intake from their vegetables for example, and some just prefer to drink more than others. Mine go through phases of hardly drinking then hardly leaving the water bottle alone lol

10-29-14, 05:43 am
Have you tried putting a corner litter pan in there with regular bedding? Toss some droppings in there so it has their scent. How many objects are in there? If it's crowded, they might be using that spot due to necessity. I have one guinea pig that will never soil the area in her pigloo. She goes out of it to poop so it stays tidy and the are outside the pigloo gets soiled... mainly in one area.

10-30-14, 11:54 am
i was thinking of trying a litter pan