View Full Version : Urine Pee--milky colored?

10-27-14, 05:26 am
Last night I had the boys on a uhaul pad while their fleece and normal uhaul pad were in the washer. I noticed Honey pee and when it was on top of the uhaul pad as it was absorbing, it looked kinda white/milky colored rather than just clear. I guess I've never noticed what color their pee is before so is this normal??

I'll also say that when I pulled up the uhaul pad, there was a LOT more urine than there usually is in the same amount of time between washes. It was seriously gross. Do you think this is all related?

10-27-14, 07:22 am
Guinea pig pee is usually cloudy and can be milky coloured, however what you may have found is boar glue (which really is gross). Did you feel what it was like, or did you just toss it in the wash?

As long as their are no gritty calcium deposits on the fleece, you won't need to worry about the urine being milky, but if you start to see powdery-chalky calcium deposits, you should make some changes to their diet to limit their calcium intake as a precaution.

10-27-14, 07:25 am
Milky pee is normal. Boar glue is thicker and sticky -- there's no possibility of confusing the two.

10-27-14, 07:33 am
Nope, once it absorbed it looked like just a wet spot, nothing left over on top. I'm so glad it's normal, thanks!