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10-26-14, 09:11 pm
I picked up my 8 month old guinea pig today to trim her claws (which I've unfortunately been neglecting, however I don't think that has to do with this problem, as they're not terribly overgrown). As I was clipping the claws on her front foot, she was struggling as usual, but I flipped over her foot in the process of trying to get her to hold still (blanket and soft music helps, but doesn't solve the problem completely). I noticed some greenish patches on the pad of her front-left foot. Same on the front-right, but not as big. It's not on her back feet. I Google Imaged Bumblefoot, as I've heard a little bit about it and know it can be really painful for a guinea pig. It doesn't quite look the same, though. I picked at the green spots a bit thinking it was just dirt, but she didn't seem to like that, and it didn't come off after gentle picking, so I left it alone and put her back in her cage to make this post. What is it? What can I do about it?

Front-left foot

Front-right foot (I turned the flash on so this one has better lighting ^^")

10-26-14, 09:19 pm

They look like the beginning of spurs to me. It seems to be completely random as to how pigs form them. One out of my four sows will grow spurs on her front feet and I just be sure to keep them short and trimmed. They don't bother her at all and have never caused any issues so I don't worry about them.

10-26-14, 09:33 pm
So if they are spurs, I can just cut them? Like, I can cut the discolored part off (not too close to her pink skin), and it won't hurt her?

10-26-14, 09:41 pm
Yes, you just cut them as close to the pink bit as you feel comfortable to keep them short, this make sure they wont get caught on anything and tear off. My pigs don't like their feet being manipulated so I can get a good angle to cut their spurs, but other then that it is just like cutting a nail, it wont hurt them at all so long as you don't cut it too close.

10-26-14, 10:00 pm
Alright, thank you so much for replying!