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10-06-05, 03:52 am
Today as I was driving home from university I saw the sign below it... was coroplast. So...I stole it, scrubbed it and turned it into a new section for my bunny (Barney's) cage. :p I do not think stealing is a good thing, nor do I consider myself a criminal. When it comes to animal rights though, I think I did a good thing.

10-07-05, 01:05 am
lol It's all for a good cause.:)

10-07-05, 01:44 pm
Haha! That's so funny, it doesn't count as stealing to me if it's that sign.

10-13-05, 09:09 pm
I laughed so hard when I read that. Thanks for making my day. :silly:

Emily F.
10-14-05, 05:36 am
I think that's rude to steal something that does not belong to you. How would you like it if someone did that to you?

10-14-05, 07:17 am
But I highly doubt she is selling rabbits in a "sale", on the side of the road that she is undoubtedly willing to sell to any passerby.

10-14-05, 03:24 pm
Stealing is wrong no matter what way you look at it.

10-15-05, 12:05 pm
I told them I was taking the sign, they had no idea what they were doing, there were actually selling flowers from the back of a van but had a tiny cage of fully grown with this sign. I told them that what they were doing was irresponsible. I told them that I was taking their sign, and that if they wanted to call the police then I would call the animal rights commission.

10-15-05, 12:06 pm
Full grown rabbits, of both sexes. Sorry I left that bit out.

10-15-05, 03:51 pm
Stealing is wrong no matter what way you look at it.

I agree.. Me and my family have had many things stolen from us before, it's not pleasent!

Pigaroo Mama
10-15-05, 04:05 pm
Oh come on here folks, it's a little sign. Plus alanas told them she was doing it and why. And, why would anyone use coroplast for a sign ;) when it could be being used for a higher purpose... as part of a piggy cage. lol I figure she did a public service. :important

10-16-05, 05:00 am
Thank you pigaroo mama!