View Full Version : Sick Puffed up fur?

10-23-14, 06:31 pm
One of my piggies piglet puffs his fur up when I give him veggies none of the others pigs do it, and piglet only does it when its veggie time. Is it a dominance thing? Is it so that none of the other piggies will take his veggies? Is he cold? btw his fur un puffs when all the veggies are gone

10-23-14, 09:45 pm
Ferb does that, puffs up when he eats veggies. It's cute.

10-23-14, 11:13 pm
Dewey does it too, but it still doesn't seem to scare Zeke away from stealing his veggies!

10-24-14, 01:13 am
Yep, all my pigs do it too while eating veggies. They look so cute all big and puffy :)

10-24-14, 04:27 am
I had no idea they did that! Everytime I watch them eat I just thought they put on weight and I may be feeding them too much. Their strategy may backfire if I cut back on the carrots. :)

10-24-14, 08:09 pm
Molly does that. She was a lone pig for a year before we got Annabelle. Molly has always puffed up at snack time even when she was by herself. She does it when she sleeps sometimes too, we think she's just really happy when she does it ;)