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10-20-14, 12:31 pm
Hi all,

I've been reading lots of threads on here this morning about the UHaul pads and fleece and I'm a little confused. I am putting together my shopping list of things to get ahead of time so I have everything ready so when I find some piggies at a shelter or rescue I can bring them home quicker. I'm going to be moving into my own home early next year, so I won't have any issues anymore with landlords - woo hoo!!!

I already have All Free & Clear on my list, but I've been reading where a lot of people use bleach on the fleece and pads. My questions is what kind of bleach? If the fleece is colored, doesn't the bleach take out the color? I do use Clorox bleach for colors in my own laundry, is that what everyone is talking about? Or something like Clorox Special Care bleach, which is what I use on my whites? I hate the smell of normal plain bleach, burns my nose, can't imagine using it for the piggies.

Thanks for any help,

10-20-14, 01:17 pm
Nothing takes the color out of fleece. You can use as strong a bleach as you want. And if you rinse your laundry well, there won't be any bleach smells for the pigs.

10-20-14, 01:19 pm
Cool, good to know, thanks bpatters!!

10-21-14, 12:45 pm
Also, bleach evaporates so if there is any bleach smell just air out whatever smells and the odor won't last.
The fleece used for the cages needs to be polyester. That's a fiber made of plastic and the coloring is in the plastic, it's not a dye, so bleaching has no effect on the color. Bleach kills germs and odor-causing organic material, no need to avoid it! And by bleach I mean bleach, generic buy-it-for-$1-a-gallon ordinary bleach. Name brands get you the same product with a more expensive label. Doing laundry isn't nearly as complicated as the detergent companies would like you to believe.