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10-20-14, 12:05 am
Hey guys,

So I have noticed for 2 days now that my boy Rodney seems to be having trouble eating but I am a bit confused as he can easily eat some things that I wouldn't have thought he would have been able to eat but other easier things he cannot. He loves cucumber but is struggling to eat it he takes a bite of it starts chewing makes this wide weird face and jaw action chews a bit more and then spits it out and yet he can eat a carrot ok he drops it a few times but he still manages to eat it. He also eats some food starts chewing spits it partially back out and then starts eating it again He also seems to be eating a bit slower than usual. I saw the vet 2 months ago and he looked at his teeth then and he said they were fine, could something have happened that quickly since then?
Any ideas would b appreciated!

10-20-14, 05:48 am
I'd take him to a vet who specializes in tooth problems. Sounds like he might have problems with his molars. It could be a number of things including overgrown teeth, teeth growing in the wrong direction or a problem with his jaw. Either way, it sounds serious, so I wouldn't wait. If he's not eating, syringe feed him critical care until you can get him to the vet. Good luck and keep us updated.

10-20-14, 06:45 am
An option other than the ones pinky mentioned is elongated roots. He does need to see a good rodent dentist, as just looking at the teeth can miss several of the problems with them. At the very least, he needs x-rays (side and top views) and a visual exam with his mouth propped open with a special tool.

Handfeed him until you can get him to the vet, and cutting his food in long slivers may help -- if they can get food back to their molars, the chewing action will sometimes keep it moving through. It's why harder foods, like carrots, are easier to eat than softer ones, like cucumbers. And remember that a pig that is eating nothing else needs 50-60 cc of Critical Care or a pellet slurry every day, split into 5-6 feedings around the clock. If he is eating some, then you can decrease that amount. See http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for more info on how to do it.

10-20-14, 05:32 pm
We took him to the vet this morning and they are going to keep him for the day and sedate him to get a real good look at his teeth and his jaw and everything because he is such a squirmer and talker. I am so worried for my boy, I hope it is nothing too serious. I'll let you know how he goes.

10-21-14, 05:03 am
Rodney came home his molars were overgrown so he got them filed and may have ongoing teeth problem poor little guy. He is so groggy and quiet. We tried feeding him some critical care but he didn't want it but then we tried some cucumber and he grabbed it and is now very very very slowly eating some lettuce, cucumber and carrot so yay!

10-21-14, 10:05 am
I'm glad Rodney is feeling better!

10-21-14, 01:16 pm
I had a piggie in a similar situation who actually had to have dental surgery. You want to watch them really closely afterwards, because sometimes their mouths are sore and they won't eat. If you notice this happening I would contact your vet to ask about Critical Care (nutritional supplement).

10-24-14, 04:23 am
I was just wondering if anyone knows how many days after the teeth filing that Rodney should be able to be eating normally again? He is still struggling to eat and I am kinda worried. He eats little bits of lettuce, hay,corn husk, apple and seed but tries to eat other food but spits out a lot of food, won't really eat critical care and is still hungry. We have tried all different sizes, cuts, shapes but is still struggling and doesn't want to be hand fed. The only thing that he doesn't really struggle with is apple and I obviously can't keep giving that to him everyday in large quantities. Any ideas?

10-24-14, 06:59 am
Did they trim his incisors also? If so, they may have gotten them too short, and he can't get the food into his mouth to eat it. That should fix itself within just a few days, because GP incisors grow really fast.

If they didn't, and the problem is with his molars, it may take a little longer, as they grow more slowly. But if they didn't take x-rays and the problem is elongated roots or an abscess, it isn't going to get better without proper treatment.

10-24-14, 09:52 am
I would try syringe-feeding him Critical Care. You can also try making a "mash" of his pellets, Critical Care, and maybe some veggies in your food processor. This might be easier for him to eat.

10-24-14, 10:05 am
WAY TO GO RODNEY!!!! I am going through the same thing however, Rascal's dental issue resulted in the extraction of 2 adjacent molars on the top left along with a large abscess! The surgery was done a week and a half ago, he is still not eating on his own but, in GREAT spirits! The abscess is healing well and all signs of infection (the smell) are FINALLY gone!!! Keep me posted on how Rodney does! I'm so happy he is ok! <3