View Full Version : Floor Time

12-17-02, 04:31 pm
I have three boars in a 2x6 c&c cage. They spend all day doing laps and chasing each other in their cage. But then when i take them out for floor time they run to the nearest corner and hide together. I understand their need for exercise, but if I can't get them to run around outside the cage, are they getting enough exercise?

Briana D
12-18-02, 08:44 am
They're probably getting plently of exercise from what you described. They only hide during floor time probably because they are a bit intimiated by the new area. When you give them floor time put some familiar stuff from their cages in the floor. Maybe that will help them feel more comfortable.

05-11-06, 05:02 am
Like Briana said, you can make the place more interesting with familiar stuff and other toys and hidey houses. And of course, it is more fun for the piggies to explore the unfamiliar space when they can find little treats everywhere, so you can put veggies in the hidey houses, on toys and in little corners, so they have to run around and explore to find some food!