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10-18-14, 03:39 am
Hello all! My two pigs (Waffles and Rex) started getting very itchy within the past two weeks, so I took them to the vet. Lo and behold, the vet found lice! Yum. He prescribed Revolution, described how to use it, and sent me on my way. Unfortunately, when I got home I noticed what appeared to be fleas having a field day on Waffles- I confirmed it was fleas when they jumped on to my hand and started biting the hell out of me, and later found fleas on Rex as well. I hadn't been handling Waffles or Rex much after I noticed they were getting itchy because they really didn't want to be picked up, so I'm not sure if the fleas were present prior to the vet's office or if they hitched a ride home with us. To cut to the chase, here are my questions:

1. The doc mentioned that the lice could have come from mice. In the winter my apartment building (which is very old) becomes mouse central, and I actually caught one hanging out in Waffle's cage last winter. What, if anything, can I do to prevent the mice from getting near my pigs? I'd rather not engage in a mouse genocide unless I have to.

2. My main concern is the bedding. I swapped out all the fleece as soon as I administered their first dose of Revolution, and cleaned their entire cage (food bowls, pigloos, everything). However, wont the lice/fleece simply re-inhabit the bedding and lay eggs again as the pigs are still infested?

On top of all this I feel like my pigs will never forgive me after the vet gave them butt thermometers.

10-18-14, 04:01 am
The Revolution will take care of the lice, which is an easy fix. Fleas are another issue. You'll have to deal with them on a larger scale in your apartment. The mice could be bringing them in. Have you contacted your landlord about them?

10-18-14, 09:25 am
I've found that veggies heal most piggie vet visit trauma, I'm pretty sure they have forgotten about the thermometers already. Plus, you didn't do that to them, the vet did.

10-21-14, 04:02 pm
Hello all, thanks for the replies. The flea problem has reached epic proportions and every room is now affected. My strategy is to vacuum daily, then apply diatomaceous earth on all carpeted surfaces. I am not using pesticides for obvious reasons.
The pigs are still receiving Revolution but the room they are in is just out of control. Any time I set foot in there I will get 5-6+ fleas on my ankles, even if it's just to replenish hay or water. If anyone has any tips/experience it would be much appreciated!
pinky: unfortunately my landlord is terrible and can't even fix a hot water heater in a timely manner let alone a mouse problem. I built them an elevated hutch recently so it should keep the mice out. I actually think the fleas came from the vet because they weren't present before and I haven't seen any mice recently.
Rywen: I gave them enough veggies that day to put them in a coma ;)

Ill update my progress for future googlers (googlerers?) of guinea pig flea issues.

10-21-14, 05:02 pm
I hope you get the fleas under control, yikes!!

I "think" revolution is a flea preventative. Putting their cage up on a high table may keep the fleas out, anything else I could think of would hinder ventilation (plexiglass sides, etc).

10-21-14, 05:25 pm
I think you're going to have to comb the fleas out of the pigs. I'd give them really short hair cuts, and then get a good lice comb and go through their hair every day. Treat everything carpeted or upholstered with borax, but just be sure not to inhale it or let any of your pets inhale it. Maybe you should see if you could park them all with someone else for a few days until you get rid of them.

You'll also have to treat the yard, or they'll come in on your ankles.