View Full Version : Sick Guinea Pig Sneezing Still after a 10 day treatment for URI

10-17-14, 08:09 pm
I recently bought my first Guinea Pig, Zeus. When I first got him he turned out to be sick with a URI so I took him back to PetSmart (http://www.petsmart.com/) to be treated. The woman there seemed very professional and knew right off the bat what it was. I trusted her and believed that she would do a good job in helping him get better. I just got him back today and I noticed he was making a sound that sort of sounds like the sneezing he was doing before but not exactly. Could it be him getting used to the new environment? Would it be safe for me to wait a couple of days to see if he continues to make that sound before I take him to an actual Vet?

10-17-14, 08:24 pm
I wouldn't take your pig to a pet store for medical treatment. They may have seemed knowledgable, but pet stores generally know very little about caring for healthy animals, let alone caring for sick ones. Guinea pigs go downhill very quickly once they start showing symptoms of illness, so he should probably see an actual exotics vet sooner rather than later.

10-17-14, 08:37 pm
This is my first time owning a Guinea Pig. I actually was going to take him to the Vet, but when I called they told me to take him to PetSmart since I bought him 3 days ago. They told me PetSmart would take care of the treatment. He is better now, as in he is moving around and eating, but he is still sneezing every 30 minutes or so and only one time. I think they probably just didn't treat him long enough. I am probably going to call the Vet again and see about getting an appointment to check on him. I'm a little annoyed that Pet stores aren't more knowable. After all they do sell Pets!!

10-17-14, 08:43 pm
Yeah, it's very frustrating that pet stores are so ignorant. They often sell pregnant (the result of missexing and putting males and females together) or sick pigs, and they sell many terrible products, such as tiny cages, unhealthy food, and harmful toys.

Good plan to get him an appointment at the real vet! Make sure it's an exotic vet that has a lot of experience with guinea pigs, since most regular dog and cat vets know next to nothing about piggies and may prescribe unsafe medicine.

10-17-14, 08:52 pm
I got a sick Guinea Pig from PetSmart once and did the same thing. He had a policy that they need to observe the piggie for 3 days (I think) but in my case I was very adamant that they take the piggie to the Vet in which they did. My piggie had URI and PetSmart treated the piggie for 10 days with antibiotic until I was able to take her home in 14 days.

Ask to see the Vet notes on the piggie.

10-17-14, 10:27 pm
He may need a different antibiotic or a combination of 2 antibiotics, it took Baytril and doxycycline to get rid of Ferb's URI last winter.

10-19-14, 03:17 pm
Thank you for all your help guys! I appreciate it. Zeus is not sneezing anymore and is really active. He is also eating and drinking fine. I called the Vet and they told me it was probably just his senses overloading.