View Full Version : Teeth Is pine okay?

10-17-14, 07:03 pm
I bought some "Twig Wood Chews" for my boys but I noticed that they are made of pine. Are Pine chews okay for them?

10-17-14, 08:37 pm
If they don't have a strong smell, they should be fine. My piggies totally ignore any kind of wood chews though!

10-18-14, 08:13 am
No, pine chews are NOT ok for them. Twigs from untreated fruit trees and willow are ok. Any kind of conifer (pine, cedar, etc.) is not.

10-19-14, 02:28 pm
Is Maple okay for them? I have plenty of Maple trees were I live maybe I can take some wood from them?

10-19-14, 02:46 pm
They don't need chews. The grinding action of the molars keeps their front teeth ground down.