View Full Version : Vet Looking for vets in Maine or New Hampshire

Mellissa Mae
10-17-14, 12:15 pm
Hi everyone,

I just thought I would put out a line, to find out if any of you live in Maine and have had experiences with any Maine exotic vets? I have two that I am looking at right now. Animal Hospital of South Gorham and in New Hampshire, Oyster River Veterinary Hospital. My Nemo has been having breathing issues(breathes fast and sometimes labored, makes a clicking sound that seems like it is coming from his nose) for the last three months, he has been on AB, baytril to be exact, when he didn't seem to respond that, the vet gave him heart meds as they saw some sort of fluid or what they thought to be fluid in his lungs, and hadn't cleared up after taking baytril. He was only on the heart medicine and Lasix for a week, as they were unsure it was even a heart problem, and then got switched to doxycycline. So now I am searching for another vet, as my current one has exhausted their efforts. Any help would be great.

10-17-14, 12:18 pm
Have you tried the vet database at www.guineapigzone.com, or the list at Guinea Lynx?

Mellissa Mae
10-17-14, 12:21 pm
Yes I have, that is where I got the one in Gorham, Maine. I just wanted to see if there was any others that I wasn't finding and had personal experience with the hospitals. There is only one review for the Gorham hospital, and that was a few years ago. And on the Guinea pig zone website, there are listings but no reviews. I am just paranoid I am going to go see another vet that won't be able to figure out Nemo's problem.