View Full Version : Cage My latest cage upgrade!

10-15-14, 06:36 am
So here is my latest cage upgrade. It is a 4x4 and a 2x4 connected by a bridge. Right now things are a little rigged together, as I am waiting for my coroplast to arrive from the cages store. The purpose of the bridge is so that I can section off parts of the cage for better cleaning. I just corral the piggies where I need them to be, and clean the other side. I am kind of bummed that my fleece no longer matches, but the happiness of my girls is more important. They were so scared to go into the new section, but they are getting used to the addition and seem very happy.


10-15-14, 06:43 am
Looks awesome! You must have some very happy piggies!

10-15-14, 06:46 am
Thank you. I hope they are happy. I can't wait to see Kiwi do her 9:30 zoomies. It's a nightly ritual lol

10-15-14, 08:58 am
Did you make your hay rack? It looks fantastic. If you made it, please share some instructions.:)

10-15-14, 09:03 am
I got it from someone's directions here. I have no idea how to find it again :( Perhaps someone can help out on that, and I will also continue to look around. I did a minor modification with the part where the hay comes out.

10-15-14, 09:06 am
I found it already. Yay! I don't know how to put links but search for "coroplast hay rack instructions." It was made by lissie. The pigs and I love it!!

10-15-14, 02:03 pm
Looks amazing! Those are some lucky piggies.

10-15-14, 02:06 pm
I love it.... especially the ramp connecting both sides!