View Full Version : I'm very excited to be a new member:) Let me introduce myself:)

10-14-14, 07:44 pm
Hi everyone! My name is Jensyn, and I own two pigs, Pip and Smudge. I got Pip in June of 2013, and Smudge in June of 2014. Both are boars, and are quite the little chatterboxes! They insist on talking about anything and everything, and are quite demanding at mealtimes. Pip is a very lazy, laid-back pig, while Smudge has "ants in the pants," (for lack of better term:p), and must always make his presence known, whether that be by squealing at the top of his little lungs, or curling up in your lap and dozing, while he should be having floor time. Pip is quite friendly, while Smudge is still on the skittish side. It is so great to be able to connect with other Pig Lovers, and I can't wait to get to know all of you!

10-14-14, 08:12 pm
Hi Jensyn, it's so nice to have a new member on the forum. What type of guinea pigs are Pip and Smudge? My pig Teddi sounds a lot like your Smudge. I jokingly tell her she's bad to the bone because she's always tearing her cage apart or yelling for me as soon as she hears me up in the morning. It's hard to believe that something so small can make so much noise. lol

I'd love to see a pigture of Smudge and Pip.

10-14-14, 08:29 pm
Hi there and welcome to the forum!

10-14-14, 08:54 pm
Hi Jensyn, welcome to the family! Pip and Smudge sound like so much fun. I am about 4-5 months away from adopting/rescuing some piggies and I can't wait. In the meantime I love reading all that I can to learn since I've never had them before. Glad you are here!

maddy harper
10-15-14, 03:51 am
hello and welcome to the forums :]

10-15-14, 06:52 am
Both my pigs are American Smooth coats. Pip is red, white, and black, while Smudge is an Agouti grey and white pig. Here is a link to my Instagram, feel free to take a look at some pigtures! Thanks for the warm welcome,

10-15-14, 08:52 am
Absolutely adorable!

10-15-14, 09:20 am
They are adorable!!

10-15-14, 09:37 am
They're gorgeous! Love how they're cuddling with each other. So cute

10-22-14, 03:59 am
Hiya I am new to lol my name is Emma

10-23-14, 03:48 pm
Oh wow! Smudge looks exactly like my Puffy!

10-23-14, 03:51 pm
Too cute! :)