View Full Version : C&C Built my cage today!!

10-13-14, 11:10 pm
I know it doesn't look very exciting, but I'm excited to finally have it done after months of planning. Funny thing is, I found a new location I hadn't thought of b4 today lol. I made plenty of room & decided on a 2x5 for my 2, although I'm already planning to add an offset 2x2 loft in the future ��

I've got got my uhaul, I just need to get new fleece, the yardage I previously bought was planned for a 2x4. I'm hoping to get more in the same patterns I bought so that I can make matching accessories! ��


Sorry, idk how to turn the picture!

10-13-14, 11:14 pm
I only used connectors around the top & bottom corners & zip tied the rest. It was a smidge big so the one corner wouldn't stay connected at the bottom ��

10-14-14, 04:35 am
Congratulation guys....!!!

10-14-14, 05:27 am
Congrats! I bet your pigs are going to love it! Be sure to show more pics once you accessorize it!

10-14-14, 06:53 am
Can't wait to see it all done up! It looks great :D

10-14-14, 10:52 am
Great cage!

10-14-14, 10:22 pm
Piggies are loving it!!

10-14-14, 10:25 pm
Unfortunately it seems the other fleece I bought may not wick, sigh...it was my favorite fall leaves pattern.

10-15-14, 03:05 pm
I guess my other fleece just needed more washing then the one pictured! It's wicking now, YAY!!