View Full Version : What makes a good transporter or carrier to the vet?

08-29-02, 07:52 pm
Our new piggie is still very small (11oz) we used a small plastic jack-o-lattern my daughter had to carry him when we drove to the vet. Is this OK? Also we learned that the exercise balls are not good for them for playing but we use it more as a carrier. We put some hay inside both of these.

08-30-02, 08:48 am
To transport my piggies I use a small pet carrier, the size used for a cat. I line it with newspaper and a paper towel to keep them from slipping in the carrier. I also put in a little bit of hay so they can munch on it enroute.

09-05-02, 10:14 pm
Just added a new page to Cavy Spirit: www.cavyspirit.com/supplies.htm (http://www.cavyspirit.com/supplies.htm). Towards the bottom is the carrier we use, especially for vet trips. Works great! A cheap online source is listed.

04-09-03, 01:27 am
this page says to give spinach occasionally. why? i don't give mine spinach too often, but they love it!
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04-09-03, 09:21 pm
High calcium and oxalic acid. See guinealynx.info/nutrition.html (http://guinealynx.info/nutrition.html)

04-30-04, 04:17 pm
The best thing I have found for transportation ESPECIALLY IN THE WINTER! is those new rubbermaid idividual plastic sliding drawers in the Home Org. sections of stores. They keep the piggies safe from the temperatures, they are large and can be cracked open in the car for ventilation.

05-18-04, 11:31 pm
I got a flat bottomed straw shoulder bag at target. I line it with newspaper and lots of hay. We take our piggie all over the place in it. I don't leave it anywhere unattended because he could climb out of it if he wanted. However, when I'm carrying it, he never tries. I just got a second pig and today both were in it and seemed to have a nice time (based on the friendly warbling coming from the bag). When out for a while I toss food in for them. I haven't found a portable water solution yet so I try to give them juicy things but I still want to get a small bottle that won't leak to badly.

05-19-04, 12:23 am
I have a small animal carrier that I bought at petco for like 11 bucks here's the link... (http://www.petco.com/product_info.asp?sku=4512562301&dept_id=%2D2)

05-26-04, 05:35 pm
My pigs travel with me quite often. I use a cat carrier. They don't mind it at all. it is also where they stay during cage cleaning. I also use it after i bathe them. I put them in it for a few minutes with a bug fluffy towel and they burrow arounda nd dry off a bit more than i can by rubbing them

99p Flake
06-19-04, 12:58 pm
We just brought a plastic pet carrier from the pet shop, and stuffed a lil bit of hay in there to make them feel more comfortable. The carrier we got (From Pets at Home, in the UK) was created especially for Guinea Pigs/Rabbits o_O

Certainly does the trick okay!

06-19-04, 08:14 pm
For times when my piggie purse won't work, I built a 1x1 C&C cage. It was open to the top and then I just used zip ties for hinges and put one more grid on top as a lid. We use that one for car trips. It works well because I can hang the water bottle on it. I even have a small loft and ramp so they have a little more floor space. I'll post a pic and get back to you with the link.

07-15-04, 02:14 am
we just use a box with some hay in (carton) and we never had any problem in them

11-18-04, 10:47 am
hey i use a front pack at a on line store but it is made so kids can carey the pigs it was like 20.00 but its nice.and my pig drives 8-hours to texes 3-tims a year ant i use a petmate.