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10-07-14, 06:35 am
Our kit arrived today and we are just waiting for the correx to be delivered. We are really excited

Today our grids arrived so I've started building our c&c cage, we are just waiting for the correx to be delivered before our piggies can move in. I have a square to fill that gap for the loft but I'm going to cut a 3x3 hole in it for the ramp to go through.

I'm a little OCD so I spent ages making sure things were inline

10-07-14, 07:52 am
Are you going to have grids under the base? If you use zip ties and don't have a grid base, the grid sides will move away from the tray when your guinea pig climbs up against the sides. If you just add two grids to the bottom of the second grids from the right, it might be enough to stabilize it. If your guinea pig makes a space between the grids and coroplast, one of them could fall or jump in there and become trapped.

10-07-14, 12:00 pm
I've cable tied the base to the sides just incase. The flooring now done, just need to build the ramp with my scrap correx.

I'm really impressed with myself

10-07-14, 01:40 pm
Looks great! The 1x2 loft might be a pretty tight squeeze for 2 piggies though, especially if they're boys.

10-07-14, 02:11 pm
All finished and they seem to love their new cage, pop-corning already hahaha. I used some spare pieces of correx to build the ramp but they haven't used it yet, but I'm staying patient

10-07-14, 04:55 pm
The coroplast ramp is probably to slick for them to go up. Try putting a carpet remnant, bath rug, fleece, something they can get some traction on but super cute cage, you should be proud of yourself :) Is the upstairs for them to use as a kitchen/ bathroom area? If so you could get rid of the corner pan and give them more room if they get the hang of the ramp.

10-08-14, 10:38 am
Jacob has just used the ramp for the first time into the loft and I got so excited