View Full Version : Fleece What about the thread? Homemade cozies etc aren't a hazard?

10-05-14, 09:29 pm
I've learned everything I know about Guinea pigs in the past week, mostly from this site and the links here. The Guinea pigs joined the family yesterday, a pair of adolescent boys, and yes, they are the cutest ones ever born (just ask my kids).

I've admired the handiwork I've seen here and would like to make or adapt some things for our guys but I'm confused. They chew on stuff. Don't they chew on things made of cloth? What if they eat some thread, couldn't that be a tragedy waiting to happen? Kittens who swallow thread don't fare well. How are all your marvelous crafts safe?

Another thing I haven't found an answer to... why fleece? I understand for the bedding, but why is that the fabric of choice for just about everything? Are other fabrics okay? What should be avoided? If I have a winter stocking cap, isn't that a ready-made cozy? What if it's a fleece one? What if it isn't?

I know PVC pipe makes good tunnels. Last night in a Guinea pig induced haze I wondered, what about a two-liter soda bottle with top and bottom cut off? Is the plastic too flimsy, would they chew off parts? Or what if I used a strip cut from around the middle of a soda bottle and sewed it inside the opening of a cozy to hold it open?

Thanks in advance for advice!

10-05-14, 10:34 pm
The reason fleece is used for just about everything is that fleece stays nice and dry for the piggies, it'll wick any urine right to the absorbent layer that is inside of it. So your winter stocking cap probably wouldn't make the best cozy for them, because it will most likely stay wet for a prolonged period. Even if you had one made of fleece, there most likely isn't an absorbent layer inside the cap ^.^

10-05-14, 10:46 pm
Fleece actually doesn't unravel or fray like most other fabrics when cut, so it's actually safe to use. Like Amber said, fleece is nonabsorbent material and once it's treated to wick, the urine will pass right through and the fleece will stay dry. Cotton frays the minute you cut it and is not safe to use around pigs. Cotton and most other fabrics are absorbent and will stay wet, which can cause skin problems for the guinea pigs.

As far as the pigs chewing on fleece, they might be curious at first and nibble on it, but they'll lose interest pretty quickly when they learn it isn't edible. Pigs are like toddlers and learn about things by putting it in their mouths.