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10-04-05, 03:56 pm
I seen Cavy Cages at http://home.listings.ebay.com/Pet-Supplies_Guinea-Pigs_W0QQfromZR4QQsacatZ63511QQsocmdZListingItemLi st

they have cavy cages there i just used them to get ideas how to make mine :)

Percy's Mom
10-11-05, 09:33 am
Have you looked at the main cavy cages page? There are full directions on how to make the cages.

10-11-05, 12:51 pm
The photo galleries have lots of pics to look at and get ideas for new cages.

10-14-05, 10:45 pm
Is this Ebay seller working with CavySpirit? The cages look pretty nice, although I question the cages that are only 1 grid deep or 2x2's...

10-15-05, 03:06 pm
My only fuss is that you can't use zip ties for chins. Buddy has a zip tie popped before I have it zipped! I use picture hanging wire. It is very cheap and you can just pick it up anywhere that sells picture hooks etc.