View Full Version : Eating Grass

04-17-03, 10:07 am
Okay, simple question, I know, but is it okay for the pigs to be eating grass? I would assume so with all this talk about outdoor play, but I want to make sure.

Also, what if the grass is "dead," like right now, after winter, the grass isn't all fresh and new, is dead grass okay for them to eat. I don't want them getting sick.

Briana D
04-17-03, 10:09 am
Give them only fresh and untreated grass.

05-11-06, 05:07 am
Make sure the grass is fresh and do NOT give them mowed grass!
Grass is very good for piggies to eat, but make sure they get used to it slowly: when your piggies have been inside all winter and have not been eating grass, and you put them on the grass the whole day in the summer, they can get sick. Give them little bits in the beginning so that they can get used to it.

07-20-06, 12:26 pm
my pig got used to it the minute I put him out...wouldnt stop so i had to make him, and put him on a towel...