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10-05-14, 08:28 am
I've had my bunny for over a month now and everything was going great! She was as sweet as could be and would even give me bunny kisses on my leg. But today, I was going to sit in her play pen with her and she lunged slightly at me and made a deep, growling noise towards me. She didn't really try to "bite" me or anything. She also made the noise as I tried to flatten down the blankets that are on top of the carpet.

Is it a territorial issue? I know bunnies aren't just naturally aggressive. Or, is she just taking out her energy as aggressive? She didn't get as much play time yesterday because I went out for a while with friends. Please give me your advice. She used to be very sweet and loving, but now she is distant and slightly aggressive.
Also, I can still pet her but not in the way I used to, where she would lie down beside me.I've had

10-05-14, 08:34 am
She probably mistook you for a predator

10-05-14, 08:37 am
Is she spayed? Unspayed female rabbits can show territorial aggression towards their owners.

10-05-14, 12:29 pm
My first thought also was that she's hormonal. This is pretty typical. People buy a young rabbit (about 8 weeks old). It's all sweet and gentle as baby rabbits are. Then within a couple months the rabbit's hormones kick in. Potential hormonal signs are lunging, growling, biting, forgetting litter habits and general naughtiness. New owner wonders what has gone wrong.
Likely her hormones are kicking in. Once she's 5-6 months old, she can be spayed. In the meantime, you'll need extra patience and may need to give her more lee way.

10-05-14, 02:07 pm
Ditto pigmommy89 and Gandalf.