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10-04-14, 06:46 pm
Our local Humane Society shelter had an Adopt-a-thon event today, where they held open adoptions and hangout sessions with hundreds of dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits. We've been wanting to get Oreo a friend for a while so she's not lonely while we're at work all day, so we went in to see the rabbits. Pinkerton was our pretty obvious choice right from the start; he was the only rabbit to come up to the front of his cage to greet us and sniff us when we got to him. And though I can't hold it against them, he was definitely the most tame overall; most of the other rabbits at the shelter came from a single hoarder's house where they had rescued literally hundreds of small animals about a month ago, while Pinkerton was a regular owner surrender.

Anyway, we got him home a few hours ago and set up a cage for him with his own bottle, bowl and stuff. He and Oreo seem to be getting along nicely; they've been chasing each other around a bit and kinda rubbing their heads against each other, and for whatever reason Pinkerton keeps hopping into Oreo's cage and not really spending time in his own. Luckily, Oreo doesn't seem to mind her new roommate.

As for my nickname for him, my girlfriend calls him Pinky for short, and my brain made the connection to Donut's pink armor from an long-running video series called Red vs Blue.

He definitely responds better to being held than Oreo :)


(Full resolution: http://i.imgur.com/QgrganU.jpg)

10-04-14, 06:56 pm
Congrats on the new addition! He's super cute!

10-04-14, 07:47 pm
He is sure cute. What breed of rabbit is he?

10-04-14, 07:52 pm
No idea! The shelter didn't have a lot of background information on him. He weighs 4.1 pounds and according to his paperwork, he's somewhere between 2 and 7 years old, haha. His fur is super velvety to the touch compared to Oreo, who is a Holland Lop. He's overall smaller than Oreo with a more muscular-looking physique, and a slightly protruding nose/snout compared to Oreo's block-head.

10-04-14, 08:14 pm
He's either a rex or a mini rex. Can't really tell his size from the picture.

10-04-14, 08:19 pm
He's either a rex or a mini rex. Can't really tell his size from the picture.

ETA: if he's smaller than your Holland lop he's a mini rex. Missed that detail the first time.

10-04-14, 08:32 pm
I posted the photo on Reddit too, and someone there said mini rex as well. I looked it up, and he definitely fits the description :)

10-05-14, 12:43 am
Looks like Oreo and Donut are getting along well already :)


10-05-14, 06:22 am
They're adorable! Do you keep them in that cage, or is it left open all the time?

10-05-14, 09:08 am
Thanks! They each have their own cage, but they've been spending time in each other's. We leave them open so they can come and go as they please.

10-05-14, 09:26 am
They are adorable together!

10-05-14, 12:37 pm
Wow, don't know if you realize how amazingly lucky you are in how well they are getting along. It is rare that two rabbits will take to each other like that so easily. It is even more rare for an existing female to ever permit an 'outsider' to enter her territory (cage).

They are both adorable!! Just wanted to be sure you knew how fortunate you are with that seeming match made in heaven! Congratulations!

10-05-14, 02:25 pm
Thank you! :)

Yeah, I assumed we would have a lot more work to do in terms of getting them to stand each other. At the very least I figured they would be territorial about their own cages, but so far it seems like they've agreed that everything is communal property. Not that I'm complaining!

10-05-14, 08:05 pm
I LOVE the name!! Red Vs Blue is my favorite show!!!! :)
(I have a cavy named Caboose!)

10-05-14, 11:29 pm
Awesome ^^ I really wanted to name all of our pets with a RvB theme, but so far they've all been female until Donut.

10-12-14, 11:55 am
That's a beautiful mini rex (: I to have both mini rex and rex.