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10-04-05, 01:07 pm
Well the girls are in a 2x4 right now because I rearranged my room and I am going to make a bigger cage. The coroplast just hasn't come in yet. Does anyone know what would be a good cage size/shape. I don't want any levels, well not yet. There is probable enough room for a 4x4, but that would be tight. Any ideas will help!:expressio

10-04-05, 11:23 pm
How about you make some kind of corner cage this time? Is there a free corner? Something like Moxies cage, a 2x6, all one level.

10-05-05, 01:26 am
I second a corner cage. I rearranged my home office, where the pig cage is, and it would have cleared up so much room if the cage could have fit in a corner. However, where I moved it now is WAY better than where it was before. At least you don't smack your foot into it as soon as you walk in the door. :D

Slap Maxwell
10-05-05, 06:25 am
At least you don't smack your foot into it as soon as you walk in the door.

Oh gosh, the way my 2x6 is in my room it takes up a whole wall. I can't open the door all the way and it sticks out and so does my dresser on the next wall, creating just enough room for me to squeeze in sideways between them to get to my bed.

10-07-05, 04:18 pm
Well I am going to move the cage to our front room where my dad's office is and once my parents move back into their bedroom up stairs the pigs will go into the room they are in now. So I have a 4'x8' piece of coroplast and a 2x4 already made. I have plenty of space to build so ideas would be helpful, please. Only a single level home though.I am going to make it tonight so please reply asap.

10-07-05, 04:38 pm
How many piggers? How many grids do you have? Things we will need to know to help :D

10-07-05, 05:35 pm
I have two pigs and probably between 40-50 grids. I was thinking a 3x6 if my parents would allow it or something around that size. I just love to spoil my piggers.

10-07-05, 05:39 pm
Im going to go start and work on the cage. I'll post pics when Im done.