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10-01-14, 10:24 pm
Hello everyone I wanted to say thank you because I have already gotten some great information from here so now I figure I will say hello.

We are newer piggy owners my 7 year old daughter's Chinese Dwarf Hamster died of old age. And I figured as the next pet a little larger would be a great next pet so guinea pig would be a great next family member. So a 5 ish month tri color boy came home with us and my daughter and our family adores him he is a great piggy. LOVES attention and being scratched and pet. He will sprawl ou t his back legs and get purring.

About 6 weeks later after reading up that even with the lot of family time and out time he gets he would be a pleased piggy with a buddy. And I came across our next baby. My son named our new baby a blonde tufted boy maybe 2 months. He is pretty small. Long story shorter... He got an URL and also a yest infection into his ear and now has a head tilt that I am hoping will go away. And tonight got returned to the new C&c cage and I. With his buddy popcorn so they are happy piggies again.

10-01-14, 10:53 pm

Lord Pigwidgeon
10-02-14, 01:24 am
So cute! what happy looking piggies :)

maddy harper
10-04-14, 05:20 am
hi and welcome :]

10-04-14, 08:51 am
Hello and welcome to the forum! How is the new little one doing?

10-04-14, 12:36 pm
he is off hay for some reason I did a post in food and nutrition, about Hay,

THey both eat Oxbow pellets, and he is still eating his pellets well and likes veggies but doesn't touch the hay now. and used to eat it.
any advice would be great, have tried timothy and now also tried some mixed timothy and flowers blend just trying to tempt him,didn't work thought

maddy harper
10-04-14, 12:41 pm
good luck in getting him to eat his hay...