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12-06-02, 06:37 pm
My guinea pig just loves to dance around the floor to, well, her personal preference is to dance to The Greatful Dead. My problem is, when play time is over I cannot get her to even let me touch her much less pick her up. How can I get her pack into her cage with less stress for both me and her Any tips? P.S.- I've tried letting her crawl into a bag or box and scooping her up but she is just so darn fast!

02-26-03, 11:48 am
Oh boy, I know exactly what you are talking about! I was frantic for awhile to try to catch my pig when he needed to go back to the cage. Chasing after him did no good-I'd get upset and he'd be frightened. What I ended up doing is just sitting quietly on the floor with a handful of veggies. He eventually became used to me so that I don't need to bribe him with food to get him to climb on me. And I did the whole, 'scoop him up in a bag/box trick' too! How long have you had your pig? Just give her time. When she gets the idea that returning to her cage results in nice treats, I think she'll come around and trust you to pick her up.

04-17-03, 10:10 am
I know how you guys feel. My gizmo loves to be picked up, he'll climb in my hands if I reach in his cage, and he'll even try to use me to climb out of his cage. He WANTS to be picked up.

On the floor is a different matter. Once he's out he does NOT want to go back. He LOVES the huge space (we give Gizmo pretty much free roam of the house from time to time).

I've been chasing him down when it's time to go back. Maybe I'll try the veggie thing.

-Dan III

04-26-04, 03:02 pm
Dancing??? and they have a preference..WOW My guinea pig does the same thing but eventually I just approach my Malcsy slow and pet him and he lets me pick him up...now getting him INTO the cage is another problem!!

04-26-04, 07:43 pm
i try to pickup my gals while they r at the corner