View Full Version : Lid do I really need a lid with a cat in the house?

09-26-14, 04:06 pm
Don't laugh or flame me. I am serious. I haven't had a cat in over 10 years and recently got my first cat since I was a kid. Our cage was about 2 1/2 cubes by 5 cubes and I was using the wire shelving for a lid. It worked great. But the cage was really huge and took up too much room. I downsized the cage back to 2 1/2 x 4 cubes which is what we originally had it. Right now there's no lid on it. And Teddy, our cat, doesn't seem to care. He looks at the guinea pigs but just ignores them and ignores the cage. Although I don't trust him when we are gone. I've had the door to the room closed most of the time just in case. I was going to cut the lid down to size to fit the cage like I had originally intended but was wondering if it's even necessary.

09-26-14, 04:21 pm
I would get a solid wire shelf from home depot that you can put over the top just in case for the pigs saftey while you are out of the house if you are worried. I wouldnt be too worried about your cat though. Some cats get along with the piggies some dont

09-26-14, 04:21 pm
It depends on the cat. We've got a kitten who would sell its soul to be able to get to the guinea pigs. I don't think he has evil intentions, but he really, really wants to be in the cage with them.

But, the rescue I adopted my pigs from, which had 150+ pigs in open-topped cages, had a cat wandering through which lived with the pigs. Napped first in one cage, then in another, and just socialized all day. It had complete freedom, and they didn't lock it up or out of the room at night.

09-26-14, 04:42 pm
I wouldn't risk it personally. I lived with a dog who I absolutely trusted, but I still kept the lid on because it would be awful if anything happened.

09-26-14, 06:13 pm
Animals are too unpredictable. I literally grew up (he was born on our farm when I was 2) with my former show gelding. Most of our show horses were hot and crazy, but he was always mellow, and was considered a babysitter. I would climb all over him, and jump on his back from behind at a run. My mom always warned me animals are unpredictable. One day when I was riding him in an arena another horse went by and he threw me off. He'd been in this arena probably a dozen or so times, he'd been showing for over a decade, and had been all over the country with all ages on him. He never did it again, but it really made me understand that we may think we know an animal really well, but they can do something unexpected at any time. Another example, there was a toad that lived in my barn. I loved that toad. He lived for several years in my barn with my barn cat. The cat never even looked at him, then about two years ago I came down and the cat was eating the toad.

09-26-14, 06:22 pm
I would definitely say it depends. We have 6 cats in our house and 5 of them I would not trust without lids. However, if we only had our one girl then I wouldn't feel the need to have lids. She is 17 and has spent her entire life in our house with all sorts of small animals. I trust her 100% with the guinea pigs and am sure she would not do a thing.

09-26-14, 07:14 pm
I agree that it depends on the cat. 3 of my cats do great with the pigs. One likes to hang out with the pigs and the other 2 show no interest. My other 2 cats have never hurt the pigs but they have chased them (and one cat used their litter pan) so I blocked off the cage.

09-28-14, 10:56 am
I make this kind of choice this way: I think about what it would be like if something bad happened. In this example, if the cat hurt the pigs. I think to myself, when I call my friend sobbing because my pig is hurt or dead, what am I going to say. In this case, "I just thought the cat would be ok. I should have just taken the time to cut down the lid I had and put it on." To me, I think inwardly that might leave my friend thinking, "well duh". I feel like I would feel pretty dumb at that point.

For the record, I make lots of decisions this way. I strive to never look dumb on the news either. :)

09-28-14, 11:02 am
@barbaramudge (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=30035) , agreed. The worst-case scenario to opting not to have a lid with a predator in the house is that a pig is hurt or killed. The worst-case scenario to having the lid is that it's inconvenient to cut it down to size. Better safe than sorry in my opinion.

Christin Barnes
09-28-14, 01:24 pm
I would. I have a lot of cats and some of them could care less about the pig, but others are curious. My youngest is obsessed with the guinea pig and while I think she wants to play with it more than kill it, I wouldn't be comfortable leaving her alone with it. I would feel horrible if my pig got scratched or a kitty poked him in the eye.