View Full Version : Cage Need help to build 1st cage for 4 Piggies

09-25-14, 12:44 am
I have 4 boys now together in a pet shop cage which I think is TOO SMALL. Can anyone advise what is the best size to build for my 4 boys? And, can someone advise me too on the base material recommended which is good for odor control?

09-25-14, 05:11 am
I'd do at least a 2x6, more like a 2x8 in c&c grids. This is going to be a huge cage, but it's what boys need. Good luck!

09-25-14, 05:46 am
2x6 will even be small for 4 boys. I have 3 boys and they are in a 3x5 with an extra 2x1.5 kitchen attached. By they time you get cozies or 4 pigloos, a 2x6 will be full and they wouldn't have much room. Im surprised they arent fighting in the store cage. That is a small space for 1 pig let alone 4 boys!
Im glad I went a panel wider instead of keep going longer and skinny. They seem to really like the extra wide and run laps!
Good luck,

09-25-14, 06:17 am
What about the base? Uhaul dont seem to be available here so is there any other good recommendations?

09-25-14, 06:31 am
At target I found a mattress protector with an absorbent side. Haven't tried it yet but it should do the trick. The other side is waterproof

09-25-14, 06:33 am
Thanks. I shall try. Will get the grids ready too. By the way do u guys have photos to share so that I can have a better idea? Please.....

09-27-14, 11:21 am
I'd like info too.

09-27-14, 11:45 am
Click on the Main tab on the top of this page. It's got cage size recommendations, but remember that bigger is always better with boars. Also read around on the threads on this forum -- there's a ton of information already out there.

10-02-14, 06:49 pm
Been searching.....anyone please......help

10-02-14, 06:50 pm
Click on the Main tab at the top of this page. There's lots of information there on building cages. Also look at the pictures in the photo galleries. There are cages for sale at www.guineapigcagesstore.com.