View Full Version : Coroplast Is $25 an ok price?

09-23-14, 05:24 pm
Is $25 an ok price for a sheet of Coroplast?

09-23-14, 05:29 pm
It's a pretty average price. I paid 33 dollars for mine, and I think 12 dollars is the lowest cost (other than free) I've seen people quote here. Personally, I think it's worth paying a little extra if it would take some searching to find it cheaper. At least for me, that time is more valuable than the extra 10 dollars I would have.

09-23-14, 05:36 pm
Thank you. It did seem higher than what I've seen mentioned on here but they did have colors.
I also found one other place who could order white only for $60, that was a definite no.

09-23-14, 06:43 pm
I got my 4' x 8' sheet for $15, which is relatively cheap, so I'd say $25 is a fair price.

09-23-14, 06:59 pm
I paid $30 for two 3'x6' sheets at home depot which would be just a bit bigger than a 4'x8' sheet combined and then I had to tape them together for my 2x6 cage lol. I think $25 is a good price!