View Full Version : Fleece UHaul Alternative in the UK/Ireland

09-23-14, 12:33 pm
Hi Guys

So I switched to fleece a few weeks back, and I love it compared to the more traditional bedding. As do my piggies. But I'm looking for an alternative under bedding to towels as they smell so quickly and are so heavy to maneuver. I increased my cage to a 3x3 so the smell isn't as bad but still need to change bedding every 3 days. I read on the forum that it can last up to a week with UHaul. I can't seem to find UHaul in the UK/Ireland so was looking for alternatives. I think I read somewhere about someone using a mattress topper from amazon?

Anyway I'm preferably looking for something I can order online as my car is dead at the moment and I live in Donegal so public transport is very unreliable!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!