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09-19-14, 05:47 pm
I don't know if this counts but 2 of our girls - who have both since passed away - made an appearance in our House Hunters USA TV episode in March 2014. Snowbaby was a Peruvian rescue we got from the Oregon Humane Society after she was found abandoned after 4 days in an apartment - her mate didn't make it. She is seen in the middle of the episode giving kisses to our Maine Coon kitten who was also a rescue. He thinks he is part of the herd!. The other little girl that is briefly shown was her new mate Gwenny who was sickly rescue whom we knew didn't have long to live and just made it to 9 months old before passing away - but they were best friends. Snowbaby passed away at 3 years old after a cystic ovary burst before we could get her into surgery. We moss them both but they did have their TV spotlight which not many can say - :-). Here is the link http://openmetrics.com/suzy/ - the ID is Suzy and password is Florida if you want to see episode. I think my texels may also have a brief appearance just before the kiss.

09-19-14, 05:48 pm
We miss them both - typo!

09-19-14, 08:02 pm
I love house hunters! I have friends who were on Sabrina Soto's old show (can't remember what it was called, help sell our house or something of that nature). I'll check your episode out, thanks for posting!