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09-19-14, 12:42 am
Hi Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and the 2 new little fellas in my life. Dash and Roscoe, who are rescues from a breed who had found them at a pet shop, she estimates they are no older than 3 weeks old, when she found them at the pet shop the umbilical cord still hadn't fallen off yet. Dash definitely lives up to his name, as he goes full speed all time. Roscoe is the more laid back of the two brothers.

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09-19-14, 07:35 am
They are adorable! And they pose well for pictures. :) Congrats!

09-19-14, 07:54 am
Hello and welcome to the forum! They are really cute piggies!

09-19-14, 09:01 am
So cute! Be careful--they look like their little heads are still small enough to get caught in the grids, so you might want to baby proof until they get bigger.

09-19-14, 12:26 pm
They are so adorable!

09-19-14, 03:57 pm
Welcome to the forum and those angels are precious!

09-19-14, 04:01 pm
Oh my goodness!!!! They are adorable!!!!! Welcome to the forum!!!

09-19-14, 05:01 pm
Wow they are soooo adorable!!! such cute names too :)

maddy harper
09-21-14, 06:40 am
hello and welcome
what a sad beginning to their lives glad their much better/healthy now and good for you for rescuing them...