View Full Version : I've got a question for Theresa or a Mod

10-03-05, 07:06 pm
Recently I bought a newer car to replace my old puddle-jumper (R.I.P.). I wanted to replace the front license plate from the dealership with a "piggie" plate. You know, one of those air brushed ones you can get from bazaars or amusements parks. Here's my Q. Would it be OK if I had them put "Got Pigs?" on the plate? I don't want to plagerize (sp?) or anything. I just really love the saying. Do I need special permission from the owners of the site? Please let me know. Thanks very much!

10-03-05, 08:42 pm
For that, no special permission needed. Go for it!

10-06-05, 03:36 am
Thank you very much!