View Full Version : C&C Alternatives A Couple Questions Regarding Closet Shelving Cages

09-16-14, 09:05 pm
I currently have 2 cages, one 2x4 C&C for one pair of girls and then a midwest for my other pair of girls.

I unfortunately have to downsize my C&C to a cage the size of a midwest (2 feet by 4 feet) to fit into my new room. I originally was going to purchase another midwest but amazon has bumped up the price from $54.99 to $80.99 which I refuse to pay.

This brought me to making my own cage out of closet shelving. My dad is making me a stacked table, the first cage will be 20 inches off the ground and the there will be a 24 in space and then the second cage.

I found the perfect shelves but I am wondering if they are high enough. The ones I'm hoping to use are only 12in high. Would that be safe to have open top cages only 12 inches high? None of my girls are particular jumpers and I don't think they could get out but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Also, I don't want permanent lids but I do want to make lids that I can stick on if I need them. I'm going to be using closet shelving for them too and I'm just wondering what would be the best item to use as support for the 2 pieces?

Well this turned into a bunch of rambling but I'm hoping I can get everything done and everyone settled in the next 2 weeks!

09-16-14, 09:12 pm
Well, closet shelving, if I am thinking of the same wire-shelving that I use for my lids is not going to be one that you put on and remove a lot. It's too heavy for lifting on and off a lot. You might want to put grids for one half of the top then zip tie the shelving to the lid grids

09-17-14, 11:04 am
Hmm, well the pieces I'm looking at using aren't overtly heavy. I more or less want the lid for when my room mates parents visit and bring their dog. I would only need the lid for 3 days at a time twice a year so I'm not too worried if it is sort of heavy for those time spans.

I would like the cages to be open top so I'm more concerned about if the height of the shelves is considered safe or not