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09-16-14, 12:08 am
My daughter brought home her "baby" Donut, as a gift from her grandparents. Within a few days of having her, I had a feeling she wasn't just jelly-filled! After i told my Mother in law who said she had no idea, they were told they only sold females, I called the pet store to get the response that it happens sometimes but we could "trade her in"....i said a few choice things & ended the conversation...until this point I was completely ignorant about just how terrible these pet stores were!
Fast-forward and we now have Momma Donut, her two boys Snickers, Reese Cup & little girl Cookie. All healthy & very much loved! But my question is, is there any chance of the boys being sexually mature if they won't be 3 weeks until Friday? Tonight my daughter had Donut out for some lap time & just happened to look and notice One persistently trying to mount the girl.. I took her out and he started fighting with his brother.. I'm not sure if he's just practicing, but to be safe I now have the boys in one cage and the girls in another ( I had to move out of the room because he was trying to get to them !

maddy harper
09-16-14, 01:36 am
hello and welcome ;d

09-16-14, 03:14 am
There have been no recorded cases that I know of in which a male guinea pig had viable sperm before 3 weeks of age. It is safe to leave them with their sister and mother until they are 3 weeks old unless there is aggression issues to the point where blood is drawn.

I did have a situation in which I separated some boys before they where 3 weeks old and it has not impacted them, but it is not something to do unless it is necessary.

One of my girls (Caramel) had a litter of four, two boys and two girls. She was housed with another sow (Zhe) and when the boys who I named Hatsuharu and Prince got to 2 1/2 weeks old they got quite persistent with mounting which made the adult sows quite mad at them. The sows would turn around and nip the boys, but the boys didn't get the message and kept going. I ended up separating them as their backs where covered in small scabs from top to bottom. I proceeded to introduce them to one of my male adults called Puddles (who passed away a few months later), now 3 years later Hatsuharu and Prince are still living together and are very happy and healthy.

09-16-14, 04:41 am
Thank you so much! I guess I over-reacted,but this is the first time I noticed it & immediately thought better be safe than sorry!

09-16-14, 06:52 am
He's just practicing. And unless he gets really annoying, like Soecara's, there's no need to separate before 21 days. That time allotment actually has a little fudge factor in it -- I think the earliest reported pregnancy from a young male is when he was between 3.5 and 4 weeks old.

09-16-14, 07:32 am
Hello and welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pigtures of Donut and her sweet babies.