View Full Version : How do you post pictures in a thread??

09-13-14, 02:14 pm
Sorry not sure where to ask this..

09-13-14, 02:25 pm
You click on the little picture icon just above (or below, if you're using Tapatalk) the space where you write your thing. It looks like a little tree in a frame, and on Tapatalk it looks like mountains with a sun.

09-13-14, 02:29 pm
Ok. I found where it says insert picture, I pressed browse, found what I wanted, but no Ok button for it to go

09-13-14, 02:30 pm
There is no OK button in the uploader. You click on "Upload Photo" under the box where the photo file would be listed.

09-13-14, 02:32 pm
You have to click on the "upload file(s)" after you select your images. It's a little confusing since that doesn't look like a button or anything.

09-13-14, 02:40 pm
LOL>....My husband jsut brought that to my attn..thank you!!!!!!

09-15-14, 09:35 pm
I just clicked on the + right at the beginning of the quick reply line. I just started on the site my name is Vicki. Nice to meet all of you.