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09-13-14, 01:26 pm
Sadly, My amazing NZ White Rabbit Alice whom I adopted from the SPCA just less than 10 months ago has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.

She only weighs, 4.3 Kgs (9.4 pounds)..however she is in no way at all even slightly skinny and has infact put 400 grams on the past 4 weeks. Interestingly, she's never had a dewlap...

She is on lasix and gets some twice a day..and there is one place in Auckland that does Echocardiograms, but our vet is going to find out if they would do a rabbit...it'd be $350 or more...how ever then at least we'd know for sure what is happening in there.

I was just wondering if any rabbit owners on this forum know of anything else at home we can do for Alice? Or have had a rabbit with Congestive Heart Failure?

Her third eyelids now are always showing(even when she sleeps so It's not due to stress)...however the vet wants to continue on the Lasix before looking more at her eyes.

And the first picture I took of her, on the day we adopted her..her first day in her new forever home..
https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/1461196_694034073949235_2119842297_n.jpg?oh=4503e9 40e1b696d95137b46926e0ac79&oe=54A01350&__gda__=1418719865_e35433dba2647835f50ed97c4f423ec c

09-13-14, 02:20 pm
There's some heart information on the index over at GL. It's all guinea pig specific, as far as I know, but there should be some commonalities.

09-15-14, 02:40 am
Thanks bpatters!

There doesn't seem to be much info/research done about CHF in rabbits or guineas, hopefully more will be known in the future. (:

10-21-14, 11:51 pm
Alice is on two types of meds for her heart and is doing so much better! She has really got her spirit back! (She is also on another med due to another health problem poor girl).

Now. I'm posting just to ask if anyone has any tips on how to give a rabbit a pill? We are crushing it up as we've tried everything we can think of but she just wont eat it. We've tried hiding in her fav foods (banana, apple, pear,grape ect) but she wont touch the food with the pill in it, as soon as we take the pill out she gobbles up the food. We've tried to force it in her mouth..which works, however she spits it out, and even we stop her from spitting it out, she'll just keep it in her mouth and spit it out as soon as she can - We need a trick to get her to swallow it.

Alice and Scooby are currently having some outside time (when we're home *and know we will be for at least an hour* we let open the back doors so they can come inside or go outside when they like but we keep an eye on them even though we have 6 foot fences and they come when called)...here is Alice currently -


10-22-14, 08:32 pm
When you put the food in her mouth, do you put it along the side of her cheek? I don't know about an entire pill, but if you smash it in a bit of banana and then syringe that into the side (between cheek and teeth) then I was told that they can't help but then swallow it. Love the photo!!