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kara Westbrook
07-01-01, 11:23 pm
My girls (I have 4 thanks to Teresa. Oh, and 1 more to come!) LOVE to play in a paper grocery bags. I put a sheet on the carpet and then use the grids, held together by cable ties, to make a run. I cut holes in the sides of the bag and one on the top, like a sun roof!! The girls LOVE it. They wheek and pop all over the place!

Megan 00
07-03-01, 03:09 pm
That's a good idea, I will have to steal one of my moms paper bags and cut some holes in it and give it to the piggies when they have their run!

Cavy Crazy 2001
07-18-01, 02:07 pm
When I first went to cavy forum at Petsmart.com(LONG time ago.)my friends there told me about paper bags and my Razz also loves them and the popcorns when she get one sometimes. :-)

07-18-01, 02:42 pm
A trick I also learned:

With floor time, they love to find the darkest, most out of the way corner to potty.

SO, I get a paper bag and stick a section of newspaper on the bottom (wide side down). It fits perfectly. Then, I put the paper bag in the farthest, darkest corner. That becomes a little temporary hidey hole and private potty area.

I learned this one the hard way when I used to try to catch them for piggie round up. They'd run for the bags, and by the time I got them out, they were covered with wet poops! :( Yuk. A bath after play time is no fun.

But, now, I don't catch them IN the bags. When I'm done with floor time, the bags have MOST (not all) of the mess. Simply fold it up and toss! :)

Karas pigs
07-18-01, 08:25 pm
OK Teresa... I need to try this with Tubbit! We call her the poop-o-matic!! I don't know if it's because she is queen piggy or what, but every time we get them out for floor time, she finds the neatest, coolest place (the bag) and poops and pees! I like the newspaper. When she's done I can slip it out and then they can all have a dry bag to play in! thanks for the tip.

Kara and the girlie-bops

07-18-01, 11:58 pm
Good luck! Sorry I haven't downloaded my camera yet. Two sick pigs to deal with here and lots of procrastinating on paying bills.

Oh and hey, you can always kind of give up (like we have) and go out and buy your own carpet shampooer.

Here's how much they like their cozies: Put Pikachu on the floor with open space and a cozy with another strange boar in it (my recovering piggie). Pikachu heads straight into the cozy, pushes the other new guy aside so he can fit in. He wandered out a little bit at one point, but was comfortable hanging out there. He wasn't afraid, just didn't care much! :)

Tisha Lisha and the guinea pigs
11-02-01, 12:32 pm
Teresa,i too had to do the piggie round up,but it would be my whole bedroom that i had to search,then i came up with a neat idea<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif ALT=":o"> ne day i was in my room,with my dog(who loves my pigers)and my guinea pigs,i was letting the little guys have some floor time,and they all headed under my bed!my bed is a double so i got my mom,and it took us a half an hour of me on one side of the bed,and my mom on the other with our arms flying every wher,just to get one pig out!8o
then my dog charged under the bed aand herded the other 2 out from under my bed!what a smart one!
now whenever i can't catch my pigs i say:"Sunny! go get the pigs!"........and she does..

well i thought this papre bag potty thing was a really neat idea!
and like megan i will have to steal one from my moms closet when she isn't around!!

keep up the good ideas!

courtney,miko,gizmo,snickers and norman

11-05-01, 05:17 pm
Well, as tempting as the idea sounds, I don't think I'm going to go rushing to the pound for a piggie herding dog!! Sounds like a great reason though!! :)

12-27-01, 01:19 pm
Hi, great replies...
I've learned from my 2 boys that paper can be very fun, i just crumple up ballls of paper and put in their cage...They love it. It is light enough for them to throw then chase, and it's edible! Give it a try it's alot of fun! DELI

11-04-02, 03:55 pm
Can they eat newspapper?

07-31-03, 01:50 pm
yea they can eat newspaper..well I think so only if it is is soy-based ink or something like that but they can't eat glossy colorful pages of the newspaper