View Full Version : Online store for C&C cages

09-12-14, 09:35 am
I haven't used them, but had a look around the site. Prices are on the high side, but reasonable in the grand scheme of happy piggies.


09-12-14, 10:26 am
You know, there is a cages page on this site. It's awesome, so you should get it out!

09-12-14, 11:31 am
My point in posting is that it is a Dutch site, hence my topic being in the The Netherlands thread.

Coroplast is readily available over here, cubes are not. It is good that there is a Dutch site now that sells cages as ordering from the US is just way too expensive.

If I didn't already have a proper cage it would be an option to order from the site I posted.

09-12-14, 02:02 pm
They sell 2x2 cages? I hope nobody sees that and thinks it's an okay size for guinea pigs.

09-12-14, 02:36 pm
I have the hope that when people are smart enough to even look for a C&C cage (not a widely known concept here at all) they know 2x2 is too small. Regular cages that are bigger than that are sold way cheaper.