View Full Version : 2 pigs and no way of a C&C ever is midwest a good option

09-09-14, 06:51 am
Okay well my current set up is a million away from ideal.
We recently had a issue and had to give two of our baby's to a rescue( this lady is amazing and knows so much about guinea pigs and runs a page for Irish cavy and rabbit owners) and I'm heart broken but we gave her our cage and so on, leaving us with two pet store cages joined by the door and a ramp.
A new cage is needed badly as pet store cages are a pain in the arse to clean and get dirty way to quickly due to the size. I have two options and a C&C is not one due to where I live

1.Midwest cage, they seem big enough if I join two together and I have been surfing through the forum and YouTube which is like a Encyclopedia of information (and funny youtubers had to add that in cough cough Dan and Phil) and have heard a few things a) they are spacious enough in reason b) they are a pain to keep clean but if you put in the effort and do big thorough cleans they can work well c) the canvas is a pain but you can put correx it can be manageable

the other option is a fully diy cage but this will take forever the make and plan but at least it can be exactly what I want and not something I spend my life trying to keep clean.

i need some help as I am clueless.