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Rica Chica
02-02-02, 01:45 pm
i give my 1 guini a lot of floor time, with newspapaers, lunch bage, tennis balls. tolitet paper rolls, and some hay to muchie on. but when i put him down, all he does is run into the lunch bag and sit there. he gets more exercise in his cage!!! i site there with him, doing my homework, but he won't "interact" with me!!! HELP!!! *also don't say get anthor gini pig, because my parents siad i can't:( *

02-02-02, 04:12 pm
How long have you been doing this?

02-08-02, 03:00 pm

It took about 2 weeks for my first piggy to stop hiding during floor time. I would put fresh light veggies like parsley or spinach near the bag and severl spots farhter away to get her to come out. Now she zooms around but sh sometimes likes to sit behind me or in her hide a way.

P.S I got another baby 3 weeks ago and she just followed her big "sisters lead" someitme the run and sometimes thye just sit and relax. I also realized that we don't realy know who much running they do whenwe are not with time.

Patience is the key and fresh treats can really help.

06-05-02, 01:04 pm
Cavies are such nervous creatures and have to spend their whole life in the wild escaping from predators as they have no means of defence. It will take them a while to sniff out the area and realise that it is safe. It was the same with mine but now they are mad. With patience it will sort itself out. Good luck!
Love Piggiexx

09-21-02, 10:45 pm
Do everything you can do to get your paren'ts to adopt you another cavy. He will be much more happier to "chat" with someone of his own breed.

08-23-03, 10:52 am
I actually had the same problem with my own GP this week, although she's three years old, I never really gave her floor time cause my mother didnt want me to. I did (when my mother was out lol) and she was really scared and sitting in a corner. So I grabbed her again and had her sit on my lap for about 30 minutes. When she was really relaxed and cuddled up on the couch I put her back on the floor and within two minutes she was investigating like there was no tomorrow :)
It also helps to imitate happy GP sounds at her :)

08-25-03, 11:53 pm
When I first got my gps I used playpens in the middle of the livingroom floor. They hated it. So I put them in the bathroom and blocked the doorway with one of the playpens. At first they hid behind the toilet all the time. I turned off the light and just let light from the living room fall into the bathroom and out they came. My computer is almost right in front of the bathroom door so I can watch from here and they can see me.

It took time for them to get used to it but soon they where running around the bathroom like crazies. In the beginning they would dash back behind the toilet whenever I moved but they eventually became more comfortable with that too.

11-18-04, 10:52 am
my male pig is like that to he lost his cage mate to a relley bad long sickness and will not play at all so i have dessied to get a pig friend for him i am not going to a pet store i am giving a pig named jack a new home soon!

11-18-04, 11:17 am
give it some time, he/she may become more used to floor time eventually

11-18-04, 01:29 pm
It will probably take some time for him, since he doesn't have a companion. Not to sound harsh, but if you knew that you could only get one then why did you buy a guinea pig?

11-18-04, 02:43 pm
hey guys? this thread is two years old.

11-18-04, 02:47 pm
I donno, I'm just guessing here but maybe because he/she wanted wanted too? Why do any of us get guine pigs piglet? Because they are fun compainions thats why, just because we are unable to have two dosnt mean we should hold back from enjoying one's company... God made the animals and things on this world for us to enjoy and explore while taking care of what he has given us, so if you want to have just one pet guinea pig and will take care it well throught it's life then theres no reason why you shouldn't, it may be better for the pig to have another friend, but one pig will do just fine with a loving owner, so please let's leave rica chica alone about that. What's done is done, now all that is left to discuss is helping her/his guinea pig adjust to floor time.

I'm still in the process of building a larger cage + outdoor hutch for my so I can begin to work on talking my parents into a second pig myself.

11-18-04, 02:49 pm
WOOPS, i didnt even knowtice lol :) hehe

11-18-04, 03:41 pm
hey i said his friend patches died and he will not run! im getting a new friend from a lady that cant keep him

01-10-05, 06:02 pm
It will probably take some time for him, since he doesn't have a companion. Not to sound harsh, but if you knew that you could only get one then why did you buy a guinea pig?
Because no where in a manual does it say that you can't buy a guinea pig if there is only going to be one. I understand wht you are saying, but lots of people buy guinea pigs on impulse, or don't understand that they are very social and it works better with two.

01-11-05, 10:25 am
what "manual" are you talking about exactly?

And yes auzzie you should read others replys, this is 2 years old

01-11-05, 11:08 am
I do floortime with Phoebe. She only runs around if I'm there. If I leave the room she'll hide in a corner & start wheeking. Or if I'm not sitting on the floor, she wheeks too. So I usually take some stuff to read or school work with me, sit on the floor & let her run around me. :)

Slap Maxwell
03-02-05, 04:23 pm
My piggie investigates around the walls and hides behind the toilet (I do it in the bathroom). She wont let me catch her afterward.

04-09-05, 03:30 am
get it a friend.