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09-08-14, 12:52 am
i saw this youtuber test and review aspen bed 1 and this is what i found on the uk amazon
Reptile Substrates - Komodo Aspen Bedding Bulk Sack 14kg

since the link she has up is for a bag that looks different than the one on her video if you know anything about the product please let me know?
if you would like to see what im talking about look up piggy hub aspen bedding 1 youtube
the bag she has in the video looks like the one i posted but the one from her link shows a pro rep clear plastic bag

09-08-14, 06:55 am
You can probably find aspen bedding made for guinea pigs that is similar but not as expensive. The pig bedding isn't shredded so finely, and comes in larger bags.

09-08-14, 04:26 pm
ahh thanks im just not sure which one to order, i dont want to get the instore one because i didnt see any aspen bedding when i was in there, they only had pine shaving and im never going to buy that

09-08-14, 04:29 pm
Pine shavings are usually fine as long as they're kiln-dried and don't have a strong pine odor. They still could cause issues in some pigs, but they're typically safe to use.

09-08-14, 04:37 pm
ahhh i guess ill read the bag when i go get some more of the granule bedding