View Full Version : FLOOR TIME ROCKS!

ben walker
08-17-03, 01:47 am
hey, well i just gave my two piggies there first session of floor time and they LOVED it!!! I blocked off my hallway, put in some towels, and a cavy cozy and off they went hopping all around and chasing each other in the hall. They were playing little games, and amazingly for the first time, they pooped and peed on the towels or near them!They were all tuckered out afterwards and both had a snooze in their cozy! Thanks so much to www.cavycages.com for the advice it really helps. Cant wait till next time, neither can they!!!!

miss g pig
08-28-03, 07:19 am
floor time is pretty cool!!
In fact I think i may just put my pigs out now!!

05-11-06, 05:10 am
Floor time is amazing indeed! And very rewarding as well: when your piggies lay down in their cozies after chasing each other and popcorning all over the place, you just know they are very happy piggies ...