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09-03-14, 04:29 pm
The name's Isis. I'm 16 years old. I love music, bands, animals, drawing and my pets :)
I have two female piggies:
The white one is called Marceline and the golden one is called Princess Bubblegum.
I've had them for about 3 months now i think.
They used to be of my "friend", who got tired of them after two weeks. She didn't took care of them properly. They never got hay, vegetables or fruit and only had a thin layer of woodchips in their cage. She asked me if i wanted to have them after "taking care" of them for 8 months so she didn't had to put them down. I said yes and after whining to my mom about it for three days straight she said yes too. I got everything they had for them for free. The first week they were very stressed and scared, but after two weeks they were already improving so much! They are doing great now and i love them a lot. They look healthier and are more active than ever.
I came on this site to share tips for taking care of piggies and to learn more. I hope i'll make some friends along the way. I'll write an update on how they're doing every now and then. If any of you are interested; i sometimes make videos of them. Check them out here! https://www.youtube.com/user/isishp102/videos

Thanks for reading and feel free to send me a message! ^^

09-03-14, 04:36 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum! Beautiful piggies :)

09-03-14, 05:01 pm
Cute piggies! My guys don't seem to like their pictures taken, sometimes I get good ones when they aren't paying attention though! I take it their names are from Adventure Time? Did you get them a nice big pen? I never knew they shouldn't be housed in aquariums for a long time. Hope you enjoy it here and I'm so happy you saved your new babies from being put down!

09-03-14, 05:23 pm
Thank you! your profile picture is really cute by the way

09-03-14, 05:27 pm
Thanks! And yes, their names are from Adventure Time. Their cage is ok, but i'm going to expand it soon. I still have the old cage from my best friend. unfortunately, her last piggie died at our house when they were on holiday (she was almost 7) so im thinking about putting her cage ontop of my new one and make a hole and a ladder for them so they have that cage to run around :)

09-03-14, 05:37 pm
Im loving your username tbh <3
I love the (tomato? red bell pepper?) lips the white piggy has going on! Mustache pig lol
your best bet is to get a Midwest cage or a c&c cage because "upper levels" don't count as floor space. If you could I would really look into them because they are the best choice as far as cages are concerned. If you need anything please feel free to dm me :) I lhope you have a great time on here!

09-03-14, 06:39 pm
Thank you! The red stuff is watermelon by the way, haha!
And yes, you're right about the floor space now i think about it. It's very hard for me to buy C&C stuff or something similiar to it. There's only one shop here that sells C&C cages, but their prices are ridiculously high. I think i'll just have to improvise. Anyway, i'm now teaching them to run through the room (they still find it a little bit spooky) so eventually i could just let them loose and not worry about the space. Thank you for the info :)

09-03-14, 06:44 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum, your piggies are gorgeous!

09-03-14, 06:46 pm
Thank you!!

09-04-14, 05:17 am
I ordered my cage pieces from Walmart. They didn't have any in stock but you can have them order it and then pick them up from the store and pay for them when you get there. I don't remember the name of the stuff but they have round black connector pieces, though not enough so I used some zip ties.