View Full Version : Cage Cat Proofing Cage Advice?

Christin Barnes
08-26-14, 04:34 pm
I have read on here somewhere people will mention when building a c&c cage it is recommended to put a support for the roof so if your cat goes in top of the cage it won't cave in? Does anyone know how this done or have any pics or examples? I have a lot of cats and if I build a c&c it will need to be covered. Also, how do you build a c&c cage so you can get the top off to clean and take the piggy in and out? Any advice would be appreciated.

08-26-14, 04:51 pm
You can buy the wonder bars found here www.guineapigcagesstore.com. when building the lid don't attach it to the cage. What you want to do is zip tie the back like a hinge. Then you can just lift the lid up. You could do it so you lift the middle and rest it open on a connector. Or so you can fold it over. Then you can binder clip it shut. You can also check out the photo gallery covered cages. Sorry not really good at explaining things I hope this made sense.

08-26-14, 04:56 pm
Closet shelving will hold a LOT of cats. You may need to put something on top, or netting zip tied underneath the shelving, to keep them from sticking their paws through and swiping at the pigs.

My cage is 32 inches wide by 60 inches long. I have two pieces of closet shelving, 16 inches deep by 62 inches long. One is just laying across the back of the cage, the other is fastened to the first piece with circular clips (like key ring clips) so it can just be folded back over the first piece, and both can be easily removed.