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08-24-14, 01:15 pm
Hello everyone!
I'm portuguese and I'm 23 years old. I signed up on this forum, on the night my first guinea pig died. I was greatly devastated.
Days later, we adopted a new guinea pig that came with some health problems ... I was very worried about her and I found help in this forum. After some time, I discovered that she was pregnant and I was even more worried because I learned that pregnancies are at risk.
Fortunately, everything went well ... :) Now I have 3 guinea pigs and I love them all.

I don't have photos here, but I show you this video:


Sorry for the mess lol

08-24-14, 01:45 pm
Awww, super cute, welcome. Sorry for your loss and congrats on the new ones! I love baby pics when you have some :)

08-24-14, 01:46 pm
Cute! Just be sure to remove any males at 21 days (see www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm) so the female(s) won't get pregnant.

08-24-14, 02:22 pm
Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I love how they keep losing their balance.

08-24-14, 02:45 pm
I'm so sorry that your guinea pig passed away. It's such a difficult loss. I think Momma and her new babies were sent to help heal your heart. Thank you for sharing your video. The babies are so adorable.

08-24-14, 02:53 pm
I just have to add that they are so cute, he tries to walk and falsl over, funny how they are good to go when they are born but still so new on those little legs. To cute for words. Tumbling over on his side.
Are they girls? Boys? Hope they are all girls so they can all stay together.

08-24-14, 03:50 pm
They are very cute! I love how they seem to want to snuggle together.

08-25-14, 07:21 am
One of the babies is male. I have separated him when he was 16 days old, because he started trying to copulate with his mother lol So I was afraid he could impregnate her so early.



08-25-14, 07:45 am
It's fine to leave him in for 21 days. He can't get her pregnant if he's only 16 days old.