View Full Version : Fleece Help on fleece flippers

08-19-14, 06:41 pm
Okay guys so everytime I put their fleece flippers together after they've been washed and dried the lining always bunches up on the inside and I have to fool with it to get it un-bunched.. Is there any advice on how to keep them from bunching up everytime I put them together

08-19-14, 07:04 pm
That happens to me sometimes, I just reach my arm into it and smooth it out.

08-19-14, 07:13 pm
It happens to me everytime that's what I do it just gets annoying having to do it everytime

08-20-14, 06:59 pm
I have never used the flipper, but here's an idea.

Wrap the uhaul pads around the coroplast, then tape the ends together. Then you can slide the fleece case over.

08-20-14, 07:02 pm
Just making sure- are you sliding the fleece case over the end with the folded uhaul, so the other end has both the opening of the fleece case and the ends of the uhaul? Hopefully you can understand what I'm talking about.

08-20-14, 07:04 pm
Yes that's what I'm doing