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08-19-14, 04:36 pm
;) Well I have 2 guinea pigs Skittles and Peanut, They are brothers and are both about 4 months old. Skittles is a a bassain and is brown :crazy:. Peanut is half smooth haired and half adassain he is a sandy color.

Right now they are both in a 3 foot cage...... BUT!! on the 26th im getting them a 4 foot C&C cage with a second level! :love::cool::o:love:

I have 3 cats and 3 brothers 1 of my brothers ,Dylan also has 2 guinea pigs Lucky and Flash. Thanks and that's all about me!:love:

08-19-14, 04:38 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum.
For c&c cages we don't go by measurements its the number of grids. So the 2x4 is the number of grids. We would love to see some pigtures.

08-19-14, 04:41 pm
Yes, C&C cage cubes are usually 14" each, and plus they have maybe a 1-2 cm space between them. Also, when you said "Skittles is a a bassain and is brown " and " and half adassain" did you mean Abyssinian?

08-19-14, 07:03 pm
Yeah... I was in a rush :(