View Full Version : Cage What type of bedding?

08-19-14, 12:10 pm
I'm trying to decide whether or not to change cinnamon's bedding. Currently, i'm using carefresh natural but there tends to be a bit of a smell so I'm wondering what type of bedding you use and also how expensive it gets and how often you change it. I was thinking about the different types of carefresh bedding but unless the Confetti/colorful one is a lot better quality, i don't care for color! Oh, and i have 3/4 of my cage fleece anyway, but she's litter trained! I also don't really want to use wood, only any paper brands.

Previously i also had Planet Petco's mixed paper bedding so if anyone can comment on their experience with that, that'd be great, too.

08-19-14, 02:25 pm
I've heard that compressed paper cat litter pellets (Yesterday's News) is great for odor control, although I've never used it myself. :)

08-19-14, 03:16 pm
Carefresh Ultra is better at odor control than the Natural, in my experience. It's white so the poops really stand out which is kind of annoying, but at least it helps you see where to spot clean.